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When you think of ‘home,’ what, specifically, do you think of?

  1. Mandy Tempest, Sep 10, 2020
    We were a poor family and did not have much when I was a kid and even today. When I was married the second time I had a very good job and high position I earned a lot of money although it was a very stressful job. I enjoyed it every day going to work and was very proud about my work and achievements. Because of all the money I earned I could buy things I wanted not everything but lots. My ex ex husband and his family had a meeting on their own and my ex husband lied to me saying I must take the money I have and also the money of the policy that was paid out to me because of health reasons and make Redecorate and chan5the houses we were living in. I was thinking we are very happily married but because my in laws and brother in laws did not like me much they knew the houses were only on my husband's name. I was never thinking about getting divorce because I prayed for years to God to give me a man like my ex husband. Being under the influence of his family he start cheatingredients on me because his brother also is having a sexual affair with a lady working for them. I spend nearly a million rand to get the houses the way we would of liked it I was promised the next year we will just go travelling and I can stop working. In the meantime my ex was having affairs and I could see what was happening. I never questioned him I trusted him to much. About 7 months after I spend all the money on the houses I caught him in the arms of his receptionist and he wanted to get divorced. I was trying for a year to try and patch things up but he wanted to be alone. During that year I became very sick due to the stress pain and heartache. One day my ex decided he and his 2 sons are going to the river and left me at home while I was so sick. I fell 3 times bumping my head on the paving then on the same day I got concussion and when I got to the hospital my whole body shut down. Then they did tests on me and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Encaphalopy disease. It affects all your muscles I was very sick. I have even let them build a pool at home to do exercises in everyday to make my muscles stronger. I was in ICU for 10 days When I was discharged I was to weak to fight my ex for my stuff he took everything and wanted to put me out and stay on the street. I walked out with nothing only my clothes. My heart is broken about the beautiful houses we had and I made all the changes with the money I had and my disability policy that paid out. Because I trusted him with my life I gave him money to go and buy stuff and he was very clever because he have bought everything cash with the money I gave him but he made sure he buys everything on his name. I was devastated for him taking all the money after he lied to me having a couple of affairs I got very sick and he did not wanted a sick wife and then divorced me walking out after 12 years just with my clothes Reply